Excellent Therapeutic Masssage is a tiny, low key, relaxed office on Capitol Hill In Seattle, WA since 1999 is thru the senses, that massage describes the body to the brain, encourages change thru touch, energy, communication and intention. All the while trusting the inherent wisdom of the body.
  It is essential to provide a safe space for effective relaxation and change. 
  Whether you are working thru an old or new injury, aching from challenging your body with new activities, addressing issues of touch and trust, maintaining or increasing your level of health and body awareness, or maybe you're just wanting a massage.
  Whatever your situation I will work with you to create a unique and beneficial massage experience.



A massage therapist is an interpreter.   A witness who facilitates an understanding between a stressed and overwhelmed mind and the hundred messages of an injured / traumatized / stressed out body.

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